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Musicians in this music department are learning to live by three simple guidelines:

1. Be Respectful

2. Be on time

3. Be prepared

Nestled in the shadow of the Spanish Peaks, Walsenburg Colorado once was a vibrant community bustling with coal miners and travelers from all over the southwest region of the USA.

One of the many benefits of the economic boom was the acceptance of music in schools and the quality of the program soared to unimaginable heights!

In its heyday, Walsenburg High School boasted a marching band over 200 strong! To this day, they are the only marching band in the country to have won national competition three years in a row (1969-1971).

Since its hay day, Walsenburg has seen a decline in economic output. The town has slowly fallen into a mini depression that is is working very diligently to climb out of. As musicians, we can help!

Our goal is to provide southern Colorado with a quality musical experience that beginners and professionals can enjoy! The Huerfano Re-1 Music Department currently boasts two band ensembles, a beginning choir ensemble, a beginning piano class, and a complete general music program with curriculum!

This website is to help inform the community of upcoming events, possible volunteer opportunities, as well as resources for student to practice their music and instruments outside of class!